Frequently asked questions about selling your debt to Debtbuyers.ca

What is a debt buyer?

An organization that purchases receivables, debts, judgments and orders.

how can you do that?

By assignment pursuant to the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act R.S.O. 1980 c.90 s. 53(1). A debt is an asset you are entitled to dispose of any way you see fit.

when should I sell a debt?

We recommend taking action @ 90 days. If you're not paid by then, you are not getting paid!

what's an assignment?

The act whereby one transfers to another their interest in a right or property.

how much do you pay?

Each debt is unique. It's value is based on about 10 variables. The older the debt and the less you know about the debtor, the less it is worth. Call us for an estimate. Would you rather I earn the $, or the debtor steal it from you? Would you rather have x % of something, or 100% of nothing?

how long have you been in business?

20 years.

what types of debts do you buy?

Business, personal, judgments and orders from the Rental Housing Tribunal.

How old a debt will you purchase?

The Statute of Limitations Act provides you cannot sue on a debt after two years of its due date. Judgments are valid for 20 years.

do you offer any other services?

A Local process serving, tracing (locating of debtors/defendants on a no find-no fee basis), public record searches (real property, corporate, etc.)

We do not provide legal services nor are a collection agency.